Papuan Unique Food

Papuan Unique Food – Indonesia has a lot of traditions and customs that are highly regarded by some people and even become a spotlight. One of the islands that has many traditions is Papua. In addition to its natural attractions, Papua also saves a lot of uniqueness and diversity of culture and customs. In addition, Papuan culinary tourism is also much sought after by tourists. Naturally, this is because Papuan food is so unique and authentic.

However, if you just want to taste Papuan food, you can make it yourself at home. Here we summarize some unique and delicious Papuan specialties along with their recipes that you can practice yourself at home:

1. Lontar Cake

The most well known to people as one of the typical Papuan cuisine is lontar cake. Don’t be surprised if the shape is similar to the milk pie or cheesetart that is currently popular. Papua has already made creations of this form with processed milk and sugar.

2. Manokwari Grilled Fish

The name alone is Ikan Bakar Manokawari, of course the typical food of Manokwari, Papua, you must try the sensation immediately. This menu is usually found in stalls or roadside restaurants, where the taste of tuna is given a spicy Papuan chili sauce. Eaten with warm white rice, it’s delicious!

3. Fish Wrap

Wow, if you have eaten Papuan fish wrap, you will definitely be addicted! This fish is served with very rich spices, so it feels so fragrant and delicious. The process of making it is quite long because it is burned over low heat so that all the spices seep into the meat.

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4. Sago Plate

Sago Plate is a cake that is very commonly found on the mainland of Papua, you can even find it on every side of the city. Locals usually enjoy this with a cup of hot tea or coffee while relaxing in the afternoon. But don’t be surprised if your first bite feels really hard, because this is the hallmark of Sago Plate!

5. Papeda

Who doesn’t know Papeda? This food is very popular with local residents and makes tourists curious because of its thick and unique appearance. This food is made from the basic ingredients of sago flour so it is not surprising if the texture is thick. In addition, the way to eat is by rolling the food using gata-gata (made of bamboo), then the dish is ready to eat. Don’t worry, the content is good for health, you know!

6. Cheating Shrimp

Who said only humans can cheat, it turns out that shrimp can too! In West Papua, shrimp with a large shape like a crab is cooked so that it is called Shrimp Cheating. This is because the shape of the claws resembles a crab, so it is called as if he is cheating on his identity. Interesting to try, here!

7. Sago Caterpillar Satay

Well, this is one of the foods that makes tourists astonished. Dare you try sago caterpillar satay when you visit Papua? But even so, the content is very healthy, you know! These foods can increase energy with low cholesterol levels. It is said that the taste of this sago caterpillar satay tastes sweet and salty, and with a texture that doesn’t need to be asked again. So chewy!