Foods That Can Eliminate Spicy Taste

Foods That Can Eliminate Spicy Taste – We often feel spicy when we eat spicy food. Most of us relieve spicy taste by drinking water. However, some of these foods can actually reduce the spicy taste too


Lime can use it to help neutralize the spicy taste. The trick is to squeeze lime on top of the spicy food. The acid contained in lime helps neutralize the spicy taste of food.

Eat Sugar

Sugar can be used as an aid to relieve the burning sensation of spicy food in the mouth. The trick is to eat about a tablespoon of sugar by chewing slowly in your mouth.

Foods That Can Eliminate Spicy Taste

Eat Tomato

Tomatoes can be used to reduce the spicy taste. Tomatoes contain alkali which is able to neutralize acidity in spicy foods. Tomatoes can be consumed in the form of drinks, or can also be eaten directly.

Eat chocolate

Chocolate was able to reduce the spicy taste in the mouth. The high fat content in chocolate will help remove some of the capsaicin content in the mouth. Milk chocolate may even work better than dark chocolate because of its higher fat and casein content.

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Eat Bread

A piece of white bread also turns out to be able to absorb the content of capsaicin in the mouth. Other foods such as rice can actually absorb capsaicin. However, the absorption of white bread is much higher than rice.

Consumption of Honey

For those who have high blood sugar, of course they will avoid consuming sugar. But there are other sweet foods that can help reduce the sensation of spicy taste. Yes, it turns out that honey can reduce the spicy sensation. Half a teaspoon of honey helps reduce the spicy sensation in the mouth.

Olive oil

Olive oil can reduce the spicy taste in the mouth. This is because this oil has the perfect combination of oil and fat that can be used to counter the spicy taste. It doesn’t taste very pleasant, but olives are very good at reducing spiciness. To minimize the taste sensation of olive oil, when drinking it cover your nose when swallowing it and don’t consume too much

Healthy Foods to Increase Blood Pressure

Healthy Foods to Increase Blood Pressure – People who suffer from low blood pressure often feel very tormented for nothing will feel dizzy because it is like a lack of blood. If left untreated, this problem can lead to a medical emergency. Therefore, low blood pressure needs to be addressed immediately. Fortunately, there are various ways to increase blood pressure, one of which is through the consumption of certain foods. However, you can not carelessly keep your body healthy.

Healthy Foods to Increase Blood Pressure

1. Salt

Salt contains sodium which affects the hormones controlling the body’s water balance. Salt intake can increase blood pressure.
Individuals who have low blood pressure may benefit from eating foods with salt.

2. Caffeinated food

Consuming foods and drinks with caffeine can also help raise blood pressure. However, research on the effects of caffeine on blood pressure has shown mixed results.

Coffee can help raise blood pressure, but only in individuals who don’t consume it regularly. In addition to coffee, other caffeinated foods and beverages that are recommended are chocolate, tea, and cocoa.

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3. Dairy products

Apart from being a rich source of calcium, dairy products also naturally contain sodium. A cup of low-fat milk contains about 100 milligrams of sodium. Some types of cheese also contain these substances so that they can help those of you who want to increase blood pressure.

It’s a good idea to choose cheese that contains a maximum of 140 milligrams of sodium per serving. Mozzarella cheese and emmental or Swiss cheese often have the lowest sodium content.

4. Foods high in vitamin B12

Lack of vitamin B12 intake can lead to certain types of anemia, which can lead to low blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association website. However, to find out if low blood pressure is caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency, individuals need to visit a doctor for a deficiency test for the substance. You can increase your vitamin B12 levels by eating certain foods, such as meat, eggs, fish, cereals, and various dairy products.

Benefits of Salted Eggs for Health

Benefits of Salted Eggs for Health – Salted eggs are made with a preservation process using salt so they can last a long time. Salted eggs are one of the most popular foods for many people. For the people of Indonesia, the food originating from Brebes, Central Java is certainly not foreign. It is known, salted eggs are mostly made using eggs produced by ducks. Because, duck eggs have a chewy texture and taste better when consumed and contain high nutrition.

Generally, salted eggs are made by a fermentation process (preservation) using salt which makes each egg contain high sodium, which is approximately 397 mg. Usually the main ingredient used to make salted eggs is duck eggs. However, typical Brebes souvenirs can also be made using chicken eggs. However, the enjoyment of salted duck eggs is much more delicious, chewy, and savory because the eggs have a strong shell quality in absorbing salt.

In addition, salted eggs contain a variety of nutrients such as vitamin A, B complex, fat, potassium, protein, minerals, amino acids, vitamin E to carbohydrates, so they are very beneficial for your body. Here are the benefits of salted eggs that have been summarized from various sources.

1. Healthy Eyes

The nutritional content in salted eggs, especially vitamins A or B, can help the eyes become clearer with excellent vision. Various eye problems such as cataracts and age-related problems can also be overcome by consuming salted eggs.

However, it doesn’t have to be every day to eat this one round meal. You can eat them in several time frames because the sodium content in salted eggs is also not very good for the body.

2. Good for brain growth

Salted eggs are also beneficial for brain growth. The content of Omega 3 in salted eggs can help the growth of brain cells and prevent them from being damaged. Consuming salted eggs is highly recommended for pregnant women and children aged 1-3 years.

The high protein content in salted eggs is also beneficial for the health of the body. You can eat salted eggs for breakfast or serve as a complement when eating heavy meals.

3. Prevents Anemia

Nutritious intake is needed so that you don’t get anemia. What are they?
The high iron content in salted eggs can prevent the symptoms of anemia. People with anemia usually experience various symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue that can interfere with daily activities.

In addition, salted eggs are also rich in antioxidants that can protect the body from free radicals. You can eat salted eggs to keep the body strong and not susceptible to disease.

4. Healthy Skin

Another benefit of salted eggs is for skin health because they contain high enough vitamin E. Vitamin E is useful for increasing the brightness and smoothness of the skin. Not only that, the vitamin E contained in salted eggs can also protect your skin from fungus, irritation, itching, rough skin and others.

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Salted eggs contain enough phosphorus and calcium to maintain and help bone growth. This content can prevent bone disease, one of which is osteoporosis.

5. Increase Body Metabolism

Body metabolism is the process of processing food nutrients which are then converted into energy. So that the consumption of healthy foods and contains many important nutrients is applied so that the body’s metabolism remains good.
The benefits of salted eggs for health include increasing the body’s metabolism. Because, the protein content in salted eggs can be converted into good energy for the body.

6. Helps Cell Regeneration

The benefits of salted eggs for health can also be used to help regenerate cells. Cell regeneration is the process of replacing damaged tissue. During adulthood, cell regeneration is very limited because the tissues and cells are fully formed.
But of course cell regeneration in the body has an important role because it can prevent certain diseases. Like salted eggs which have the ability to help regenerate cells because of their high protein content.

7. Helps the process of cell regeneration.

The high protein content in salted eggs can also help the regeneration process of body cells. Regeneration in question is the process of replacing damaged cells or body tissues. Moreover, as humans get older, the cell regeneration process will be limited, so the protein in salted eggs can help make the process more optimal.

8. Increases Endurance

The benefits of salted eggs for health can increase endurance. It is important for everyone to have a strong immune system to be protected from various diseases and viruses.
One of them can be increased by consuming healthy foods ranging from fruit, vegetables and foods that contain good nutrients for endurance. Like salted eggs that can be used to increase endurance.

9. Ward off Free Radicals

Free radicals are always lurking in everyday life. But don’t worry because the benefits of salted eggs for health can help ward off free radicals that appear. This is because the antioxidant content in salted eggs is believed to be able to ward off free radicals.

10. Stabilize Blood Pressure

Stable and normal blood pressure must be maintained properly. One of them is by consuming salted eggs which are believed to stabilize blood pressure. The nutritional content of calcium can help keep blood pressure normal.

Easy Ways to Preserve Food

Easy Ways to Preserve Food – Are you the type of person who often keeps food in the refrigerator so it doesn’t go stale? What you are doing is a simple way of preserving food. However, keeping food in the refrigerator only makes it last for a few days or weeks. If you want to preserve food on an annual basis, you will need another method of preserving food. Storing food in the refrigerator is actually not enough to help make it more durable and long lasting. Although there are some foods that are resistant to rot when they go into the refrigerator, yes. Actually there are certain tricks to make certain foodstuffs have a longer shelf life. These methods are of course adapted to the content and characteristics of the food.

At this time there are quite a lot of ways to preserve food, be it in a simple way or in a modern way. Preservation of food is intended so that the food in question can last longer. There are approximately 6 ways of preserving food that are currently applied in all parts of the world, namely cooling, smoking, canning, drying, sweetening, and salting. These methods are also still applied in Indonesia because they have been proven to be able to preserve food for months, except for the canning method which has added preservatives so that it can last for years. Here below are 6 ways of preserving food:


This method is very well known by the general public, both rural and urban communities. This method of preserving food by cooling is very easy to do, simply by placing the food you want to preserve at a very low temperature, ranging from -4 degrees Celsius to 0 degrees Celsius. Foods that are usually preserved in this way are vegetables, meat, eggs, fruits, fish, and others.


How to preserve by smoking is done by placing food in a place which will then be smoked from below. Preserving food in this way is actually not able to make food really durable in the long term because in general this method still has to be combined with salting and drying.


This method combines chemical engineering and physics. Chemical engineering because it usually requires a number of preservatives that must be mixed into food and physical engineering because the food will be put in a vacuum can. The preservatives used usually contain salt, acid, or sugar and are stored in cans made of aluminum. Foods that are usually preserved by canning are vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, milk, coffee, tea, and others.

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Drying method is done by drying or heating the food to be preserved. This technique has the principle that the microorganisms that cause spoilage are very fond of places that are moist, wet, and have a moisture content. Therefore, with the drying technique, it is hoped that the food will be completely dry and the microorganisms will die, so that spoilage does not occur.


The way to preserve food with sweetening techniques is to put the food in a substance containing sugar with a concentration of 40 percent to reduce levels of microorganisms. If the concentration level is increased to 70 percent, it can prevent food spoilage. Some foods that are usually preserved by sweetening are gelatin, milk, candied fruit, and others.


“Hah? Is it true that we can preserve food by burying it?” It might sound a little scary to you. However, this technique of burying food for preservation is very popular in Korea. The ancestors of the land of ginseng taught this burial method for generations to create Kimchi.

The process of making kimchi starts from preparing the soil used to bury the kimchi by adding salt to the soil. Next, the seasoned kimchi is put in a barrel and buried for months. Although today we don’t need to use this method to make kimchi, most Korean people still maintain the culture of making kimchi with this burial method.


Not many people know that there is a way to preserve food using the acidification method. The basis of this technique is to reduce the level of acidity (pH) so that the growth of bacteria that causes spoilage will be inhibited. To acidify culinary naturally usually use tomatoes. However, to acidify food with chemicals usually use vinegar or citric acid. Nowadays, making pickles or kimchi more using this method of pickling. Vinegar is the most commonly used acidification medium.


Fermentation is the process of making food by converting carbohydrates into alcohol and organic amino acids using bacteria, yeast, or fungi. Fermented processed foods are usually much more infinite than ordinary food. Fermentation also changes the taste and aroma of culinary and beverage to be more delicious. Some types of food that go through the fermentation process are tape, yogurt, beer, and soy sauce. Not all of the ways to preserve food above can be used to preserve everyday foods. We recommend that you adjust the preservation method you choose to the type of food that will be preserved.

extreme and delicious food made into 1

extreme and delicious food made into 1 – do you want to eat if you will be paid with tunia money if asked to eat extreme food but are convinced of its delicious taste whether you will still take the offer.

The extreme food comes from the Philippines with the name Balut. which comes from duck embryos has become a specialty there. Many of the eggs are old, which already have the wrapping intact so that it looks a little creepy. which turns out this food is popular as well as delicious snacks there. which are like hot dogs in America sold on the side of the road. and Many people believe that consuming wraps can increase libido, as well as protein intake.

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What if snake becomes one of the Asian culinary delights, which turns out to be nothing new with snakes being processed into soup, satay, or fried. It is common but different in Vietnam, snakes are such a popular food ingredient, so snake wine appears. made from concoction of rice wine, which is mixed with snake venom with a slightly pink color, because there is also snake blood there. Many Vietnamese people believe that this snake wine has many health benefits, as well as curing various diseases.

a fried crispy chicken snack that is loved by all mankind but not Cambodians who will instead be served with fried spider snacks along the way. Whole spiders have been a Cambodian dish for a long time. According to the local people, this food has a crunchy texture and is crunchy on the outside. But soft and stretchy on the inside. While the taste of the meat is similar to a mixture of insects or chicken meat.

it’s really weird but many have tried it so if you are curious you can try it

food with a strange blend that actually tastes good

food with a strange blend that actually tastes good – usually we combine food with one another according to what we should add so that the taste that enters our mouths is even more tantalizing.

Many people experiment with food to achieve a taste they want to get but it tastes strange if only combined with a taste that should be better mixed with something new.

as one of them there is a pizza laha that is added with the taste of honey. You might think that the taste of the two things is mixed not from the salty taste of the pizza and the sweet honey from the honey taste with a thick element on the toasted bread layer with a sprinkling of meat.

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and there are also people who experiment with foods such as brownies with soy sauce. Imagine the shape of a cake that is quite dry when baked, which is actually dipped in soy sauce, which should normally be included in the food that will be made to add to the taste and color of the food. but how does it taste if the soy sauce is mixed by brownies which means the sweetness is too sweet.

and the last one is Cheetos with milk, whereas usually milk as a side dish with sweet bread and jam is actually a companion for citos with the savory taste of one of these snacks.

it is an experiment on food that is quite strange but it is challenging to try whether the taste will be strange or even the opposite which makes the race a thing that can be used as a snack when watching a movie.

food is in the form of something creepy

food is in the form of something creepy – what if the food that is supposed to look beautiful actually looks creepy and the bias is sentan food because it tastes spicy so it overheats certain levels.

now many restaurants that serve spooky food like a grave to a pocong. The goal is to attract buyers. which actually keeps buyers coming to the restaurant to see how similar the food is and uploads it to social media so that other visitors are curious too.

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Adding food names with a mystical twist is one of the ways some restaurant owners in Indonesia attract the attention of visitors. After the name ‘devil’ which is inserted in spicy food such as chili sauce or noodles, now many restaurants create food with creepy shapes.

Like spooky food pocong form made from meatball dough. Then meatballs with dangling noodles called genderuwo to chicken noodles served in unique mini coffins. With this marketing it will actually be profitable so visitors also come but taste is also an important thing.

If people are curious about the taste of this mystical form, they can feel it by coming to the shop and giving their own value how similar the food is to the name given to the food.


food that is targeted by people even though it smells bad

food that is targeted by people even though it smells bad – The usual food that is targeted by people is usually because it tastes good or not because it is a fancy and nice place to take pictures but what about because the food smells bad.

Having a distinctive aroma such as a bad smell, does not dampen the love of the people for some of these unique types of food. Which are actually increasingly popular and sought after, because of their foul smell that sometimes makes people faint and vomit. Apart from the foul smell that makes you curious, the taste is also called delicious.

There is a stinky food snack that comes from China and smells very unpleasant but is actually targeted by people. Because of the pungent smell, some say that the seller of stinky tofu can be found only by using the sense of smell. In fact, it’s so smelly, some people call it stinky tofu as baby poo, aka baby poop. and to work in the stinky tofu factory itself, the stinky tofu factory is willing to pay employees a high price.
Employees who are able to withstand the foul smell while working to make this tofu are offered a salary of 10,000 yuan or the equivalent of Rp. 21 million per month. enough to make rich but are you going to stand the smell is quite piercing.

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There is also a food called Surstromming which originates from Sweden and also has a fishy fish dish, whose foul aroma makes pusin made from baltic fish a pride in Sweden, even though the smell is very strong. Surstromming has been around since the 16th century. the fermentation process makes the aroma of the fish even more rotten. which could be called a smell that is like rotten eggs and trash that makes you nauseous.

and the last one is Hongoe, from the name, you should know where this food comes from, it’s not true that this food that comes from Korea is a raw slice of skate fish, a type of stingray that has been fermented for some time. The fermentation usually uses a mixture of urine from the skate itself which causes the scent of fermented skate to cause a sharp sting, which is said to be similar to a bad smell in a toilet or public toilet.

that’s eating that smells bad but is targeted by many people who allow it because it tastes good or follows existing trends or is just curious about what and how bad the food is.

baby face shape on a macarron

baby face shape on a macarron – for people who love sweetness, they must know a dessert that has a sweet taste that makes people addicted to its taste and has a variety of flavors too, but what if the shape of the food makes us love to eat it.

Macarons are French meringue-based pastries. Macarons are made from almond flour, egg whites and powdered sugar or icing sugar. Macarons are known for their round and tiny shapes, which are served stacked like a sandwich with a filling in the form of jam, buttercream or ganache. The texture is crunchy and soft. It looks adorable with beautiful colors.

and what if the macarron goes viral after being shared by a woman named via her Twitter account. In his upload, he showed three macarons in the shape of a baby’s face. A shape like a baby’s face which actually looks very real with a cream color that really looks like human skin. Instead of looking cute, some netizens say the macarons are said to be terrible.

which turned out to be a macaron in the shape of a baby’s face was the work of a food artist named Lim Qixuan from Singapore. In his work he often forms the face of a baby by starting a career as a designer. Apart from that, he also has a sculpting skill. That’s why he decided to sculpt the baby’s face, teeth, heart, as a food sculpture.